Vince DelMonte Keeps You Muscular and Lean

Posted on July 20th, 2011 by admin

The age old question when determining what body you want is if you’d prefer to be muscular or trim. Some people like to look big and intimidating while others just want to be trim to look good in a new shirt for the weekend. Vince DelMonte sees a good body as being lean and muscular which is why cardiovascular activities are a big part of his workout plan.

Vince was once a skinny guy so he understands the importance of bulking up, but he also learned along the way that only adding muscle isn’t ideal. What Vince desires for himself and all his clients is lean, muscular bodies and to achieve this cardio is a must. For those that are at the beginning stage of the program and all still skin and bones  DelMonte suggests to wait until fifteen pounds of muscle is added before doing cardiovascular activities to trim down. While getting big is the goal, you must keep in mind that with muscle comes fat and it needs to be worked down to lean your body out.

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